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As if I wasn’t behind enough on my ramblings here on 1WD (I’ve still got several Sicily updates to share with you, after all!), I’m going to put myself even further behind! Overachiever here!

Here’s the skinny: it’s going to be light on the feature content here on 1WD (though I expect to keep up, for the most part, on the weekly mini-reviews), probably throughout February.

The reason is that I’m smack-dab in the middle of a book contract, and the pace is Ludicrous Speed through at least the first week of March. Ostensibly, this is actually good news. I’m not sure how much I’m at legal liberty to divulge with respect to the book, so I’m uncharacteristically erring on the side of caution.

What I can tell you is that it’s a wine book, and it’s targeted mostly at the beginner end fo the wine drinking spectrum, which is exactly the kind of wine book that I’ve kept asking over the years, as each one was released, if the world needed yet another beginner-oriented wine book. But the publishers have done their homework, and see a market need for the particular type of book in which I now find myself enthralled; and we both saw a fit in terms of voice and style.

So… I’m excited, and am now frantically typing my little wine-stained fingers off, and hope to share more details with all of you in the (very) near future (and get back to writing my usual freakish features and market screeds on these virtual pages).


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